The Alamo

Address: 300 Alamo Plz
Phone: (210) 225-1391
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  • Danielle Bourgeois

    The shrine is consecrated to the memory of those who died at the Alamo. Do turn off your cell phone and observe a respectful silence while inside the shrine. Also, no photography is allowed.
  • Team Coco

    "The Alamo, located just outside of San Antonio, TX was the place where I think it has to do with the rental car company?" - Conan O'Brien
  • Visit San Antonio

    This year we are commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, a defining moment in our nation's history. The Alamo Mission is a fantastic place to experience authentic history.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    Every time I come here, they remember me.
  • Joel Valdez

    The first mission established in San Antonio, the Alamo (San Antonio de Valero) served as a way station between east Texas and Mexico.
  • Douglas Price

    Remember It !!!
  • Lacey Timony

    Touring the Alamo is free of charge, but they will take donations.
  • Douglas Price

    See the Basement!
  • Visit San Antonio

    Stop for your Alamo photo-op and you just might see something unexpected! Here teams attempted to recruit spectators to join them in a conga line around the plaza! Race to the Alamo
  • Visit San Antonio

    While youre here, pick up an authentic Davey Crockett-style coonskin cap! The kids will have a blast and learn about the brave men who fought to defend its walls. -Casandra
  • Bryan Jones

    For the basement tour, just tell Tina, *Large Marge sent me.*
  • Homeless Bill

    Make sure you're not drunk when you yell "Remember the Alamo!", or you'll get a citation for disturbing the peace.
  • Jerrys-

    Remember the Alamo
  • Greg Palomino

    Don't forget to remove your hats while touring!
  • Vince Marotte

    Couldn't find the basement
  • Bill Brendel

    In addition to seeing the Alamo, there are numerous other attractions on the Plaza! just relax in the shade, enjoy a sno cone and people watch! Count how many photos get taken in front of the Alamo
  • William Betchley

    just a neat place to visit
  • Vicki Hoffman

    Always a great place to go, and the ATM in the back (if I remember correctly) gives smaller bills instead of just $20.00's
  • Laughing Squid

    Help Pee-ww Herman find his stolen bike hidden in the basement.
  • Joel Valdez

    Monty, the great Alamo storyteller, will lay down the history of the Alamo like nobody else! Catch the story of the Alamo everyday at 5:30 p.m. in Alamo Plaza with Monty!
  • Brady Smith

    Don't be afraid to ask some to take a picture of u in front of the Alamo.
  • Sam (@HandstandSam) Edwards

    There is no basement. Liar!
  • Eilla Sikn

    Gotta check it out.
  • Tim Capps

    Show respect to those who died here when you come. It is a place we should all see as a place of inspiration! It defines us Texans and all we stand for! Remember!
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: The Battle of the Alamo began on Feb. 23, 1836.
  • Chris Coln

    Look at the Visitors' Center across the steet and look at yourself online at Share it with family on your visiti to the Alamo. The camera is on the 1st floor in the upper right portion of
  • Corrie Davidson

    Turn off your cell phone and read the big info cards to learn about this battle and the historic site's past. Walk the grounds for more info and look in the aqueduct for giant fish!
  • Nohariz Iris Gonzalez

    If you are in San Antonio, you should definitely wake up early to get some history in! There is so much to benefit in learning about our Nations cities, and the effort it took to become independent.
  • Scion Advisor

    The miniature figure display of the Battle of The Alamo is educational and really really cool.
  • Gregory Ericson

    I'll always remember my trip here!
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